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My seven year old grandson needed to use a rest room and was refused admission in your Tanger outlet store in Myrtle Beach, S.C. I am handicapped and could not walk the two blocks to the public restroom with him.

Fortunately, I had someone who would escort him to the restroom. Needless to say, I left the approximately $150.00 worth of clothes I had already gathered up. I was told that there was no restroom to serve the pulic. Had I had a different attitude I could have let him go in the dressing room on the clothes.

However, I want my grandson to have better morals than that. When I asked for the name of the manager of the store, the staff refused to give it to me. I was just beginning my shopping experience and would probably have spent considerably more money than the purchases I had in hand. I have seven grandchildren, for whom I love to shop.

Needless to say, Nautica will not be on my list of shopping places even though I like your merchandise. I do belive that an intelligent staff member would have accompanied the child to the rest room under the circumstances. I certainly would not want people with such a lack of ability to reason working for me. If I, myself, had needed use of the restroom there would have really been a problem.

I was told that a child had been hurt in the door of a restroom. I understand that accidents happen; however, your dressing room doors are probably much more dangerous as I had to hold it each time to keep it from slamming on my grandson.

I am very upset about this episode and wonder if it is legal to deny use of a restroom to a customer.

I am not asking Nautica to do anything. My grandson's mother is an attorney and she will be able to check the legality of this matter

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I have been to Tanger Outlets in Myrtle Beach. There are restrooms all over the place there.

They are certainly not 2 blocks apart. Since the restrooms are so abundant, the stores are not equipped with customer restrooms. There's no need.

Employee restrooms often double as storage and that makes them a liability if customers were to use them. Get over it.


Nautica is a private retail store. You will follow their rules or you will leave.

No state or federal law is necessary to make this legal. They did nothing wrong.

And what is wrong with you!?! That you take this small child out on long shopping trips and you can't even take care of him!

What if something happened? You wouldn't even be able to walk a simple 2 blocks to get help.

to Urmom #1037283


to Urmom #1399573

Urmom, are you paid by Nautica for providing these acidic responses?

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